06-07 March, 2024 | Dorsett Grand Subang, Malaysia

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Regulatory Updates & Market Entrance Challenges
Illustrating the latest regulatory updates, market entry challenges, registration processes for functional foods in the Asia-Pacific region
Novel Active Ingredients
Revealing the value of novel dietary fibers and postbiotic, collagen peptides, functional lipids, vitamins, and plant-derived active ingredients in functional foods
Latest Researches & Applications on Precision Nutrition
Exploring the latest researches on precision nutrition and the market potential for its transformative applications
Innovative Technologies & Processes
Focusing on gut microbiota, brain health, healthy aging, and infant and childhood nutrition to open up new opportunities for novel technologies and processes
Synthetic Biology
Exploring the disruptive impact of synthetic biology technology on the functional food market
Marketing Trends & E-Commerce
Gaining insights into the new marketing trends in the digital era and establishing strong collaborations with local distributors and e-commerce platforms
Growing Market of New Consumer Groups
Analyzing the growing market of immune health, weight management, and oral beauty supplements to meet the demands of new consumer groups
“Snack-like” Functional Foods
Exploring development opportunities for “snack-like” functional foods in the consumption upgrading trend

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