JANUARY 15-16, 2025 | BANGKOK
JANUARY 15-16, 2025 | BANGKOK
The Functional Foods for Wellness Summit (FFWS)
will make a strong comeback in Bangkok in January 2025
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The Functional Foods for Wellness Summit (FFWS) will make a strong comeback in Bangkok in January 2025 after an enormously successful FFWS in Kuala Lumpur in March 2024. During the two-day event, you will be able to learn and explore topics including the following aspects.
Regulatory Updates & Market Entrance Challenges
Updated policies and regulations in the Pan-Asian functional food industry, latest market access challenges, and registration processes for functional foods
Applications of Popular Ingredients
Applications of excellent ingredients such as postbiotics, probiotics, prebiotics, plant active compounds, proteins, HMOs, and GABA in functional foods
New Developments in Precision Nutrition
Market potential of the latest research and transformation applications in precision nutrition
Latest Product Trends
New opportunities brought by the development of new products and technologies in gut microbiota health, cognitive function health, elderly health, and infant and child health
Synthetic Biology & Functional Foods
Impact of synthetic biology technology on the functional food market
Retail in Future in Digital Era
Future trends in the retail industry and deep collaboration with Southeast Asian distributors and e-commerce platforms
What’s Hot in the Market
Growing markets in immune health, weight management, beauty supplements, emotional and sleep health, and pet nutrition
Fighting Counterfeit Products
Addressing the challenge of counterfeit products inundating the health supplement industry


Hoang Mai Nguyen
Associate Principal
IQVIA Consumer Health

Dr. Samim Saner
V. President
Turkish Food Safety Association

Dr. Annie George
Head of Science
Biotropics Malaysia

Sharvari Dixit
Marketing, Strategy, Communication & Content Advocacy, Nutraworks Consulting Group (NCG)
Chief Marketing & Communication Officer, Expert Nutraceutical Advocacy Council (ENAC)
Strategic Marketing Advisor - Healthyr-U (Zuventus Healthcare)

Wai Mun Poon
Principal Regulatory Consultant
Wong SJ Asia Pte Ltd
ASEAN Technical Scientific Committee for Traditional Medicine and Health Supplements

Patrick Kalona
Chairman, AAHSA (Asean Alliance of Health Supplements Association)
Commissioner, APSKI (Association of Indonesian Health Supplement Company)

Pichit Pongsukvechkul
The Health Food and Supplements Association (HFSA)

Hongtao Fei
Founder, General Manager
Antion Consulting (Beijing)
Deputy Secretary General
Health Consultation Committee of China Health Care Association

Virginia Cesarini
Food Compliance International

Ranjitha Balakrishnan
Technical, Regulatory & Compliances Nutraworks
Chief Marketing & Operations Officer
Expert Nutraceutical Advocacy Council (ENAC)

Sandeep Gupta
Nutraceutical Man of India
Chief Founder & Director, ENAC
Director & CEO, Nutraworks Consulting Group (NCG)

George Paraskevakos
Executive Director
The International Probiotics Association (IPA)

Solange Henoud
Chair of the Regulatory Committee
The International Probiotics Association (IPA)
Vice-President Regulatory & Compliance, Lallemand Health Solutions

Cathy Amarantidis
Technical Sales Director
Microbiome Business Unit
Sacco System

Dr. Zhang Xuguang
Associate Group Vice President of Mengniu Dairy
R&D Nutrition & Health, Biotechnology

Dr. Kalpana Bhaskaran
Deputy Director, Industry Partnerships & Head, Glycemic Index Research
Unit, School of Applied Science, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
President, Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association
President, Diabetes Singapore

Jorg Hager
Expert in Genetics and Nutrigenomics at Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences
Nestlé Research

Dr. Salome Benjamin
Consultant Medical Nutritionist
Director BNA Life (Benjamin Nutrition Academy)

Florence Leong
Co-Founder, Director
Kosmode Health Singapore

Kelvin Ng
Managing Partner - Green Bridge Partners
Executive Vice President - Float Foods (OnlyEg)
Advisor- The Live Green Company (TLGC)

Avril Soh
Scientific Affairs Specialist
Science Translation & Advocacy APAC

Dr. Shintaro Ichikawa
Senior Research Scientist
Institute of Health Sciences
Kirin Holdings

Dr. Asma Ashraf Khan
Food Innovate Pte Ltd.

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